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BlueTie is a leading provider of hosted email and calendar solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and was founded in 1999. BlueTie revolutionized the Software as a service (Saas) sector in 1999 by introducing a hosted suite of small business applications and was founded with the vision of providing companies of all sizes a variety of affordable services that will help create efficiencies. BlueTie has added to their portfolio a host of new and innovative services that fall under three pillars: Technology Innovation, Social Media/Customer Centricity and Marketing and Branding. These services are designed to help businesses connect better with their customers and market their products and services.

Browse and see how BlueTie can help your business become more efficient and market your brand with world class services. We are innovation and we are BlueTie!


BlueTie offers businesses like yours an email collaboration application at an affordable price that equals the more expensive solutions—such as Microsoft Exchange—that are used by larger organizations.

Every business needs to have a social media presence as part of their overall marketing plan and budget. Social media can drive brand awareness, increase web traffic and your SEO score.  Let BlueTie show you how!

BlueTie Vault is a cloud based technology that can take all your digital files, paper records, emails, and makes them available anytime and anywhere!


Reseller Program

Become a reseller of BlueTie services and create a new revenue steam without the investment.

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Referral Agent

If you know a business who needs our services, you can make an introduction and reap the rewards!

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If your company has cutting edge technology that can help small and medium businesses, please contact us at BlueTie and discuss a potential partnership.

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