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Task Management

Task Management Made Easier Than Ever

With BlueTie's Tasks, you can easily track and manage multiple projects and deadlines throughout the day. Each task is visually identified as not-yet-due, past-due or completed. Whether your schedule is tightly packed, or you just enjoy keeping your work as organized as possible, BlueTie's Tasks will help you effectively organize your business and personal life.

Organize and Prioritize

Who among us couldn't us a little help when it comes to getting our days organized? Juggling tasks and appointments, and trying to remember which items take priority over others can eat up a good portion of any day. Especially when you have new items being added to that to-do list constantly. Well BlueTie's Task List is a handy tool that can do that can make managing your day and your to-do list easier.

Use the BlueTie Task List to keep track of all your tasks in one convenient location.You can update items as you go through the day. Adjust due dates and status, log new tasks and check off tasks that have been completed. You'll always know what tasks need to be completed that day, and which of those takes priority over the others.

BlueTie's Task List lets you manage your day more effectively, so you can get more done!

Task Management

An Integrated Dashboard for Your Life

Just like BlueTie's Calendar, your tasks are fully integrated with a "My Day" dashboard that provides an at-a-glance overview of all your tasks that are currently due or past-due, any new inbox items or other notifications and an over view of your apppointments for the day.