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BlueTie Featuretisements™: Ads for Apps™

Featuretisements™ is a totally new approach to monetizing Web-based applications.

Applications, unlike content are all about workflow - users send messages to their friends, schedule meetings, share files and photos, and make plans. Featuretisements identifies the workflow happening in real-time within an application, and provides embedded features that are relevant to what the user is doing.

Featuretisements works across a wide range of both consumer and business applications including social networking, online gaming, email, calendaring, instant messaging and CRM. There is support for both CPA and CPC models.

Most importantly, Featuretisements enhances the user experience. There are no banner ads, no behavioral targeting and no contextual ads. Featuretisements feel like natural features of an application, not like advertising.

Dozens of national advertisers like, eFax, Orbitz, Constant Contact and have already signed up to integrate their services into Featuretisements. BlueTie shares this revenue with application developers to help them monetize their applications.