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Registered Email®


Email delivery confirmation and encryption and the click of a button

BlueTie is excited to bring users email delivery confirmation and encryption services through RPost.

RPost has set the global standard for email proof and privacy with its flagship Registered Email® service for delivery proof and SecuRmail™ encrypted email services. These two innovative and highly cost-effective services combine to protect your email while in transit, and confirm its safe delivery.

RPost's Registered Email® service proves email delivery, content, and time. It provides legally admissible proof that your email was sent and received. It provides you peace of mind, tangible evidence your message was delivered, and compliance with 'notification' requirements for notices sent by email.

RPost's SecuRmail™ email encryption service is HIPAA compliant, simple end-to-end secure encrypted email that can be used in conjunction with the Registered Email service. Your emails will be sent as a Registered Email message with the additional benefit of being encrypted until the recipient enters the password you provide to open them. No clicking to external websites or special software is required the by email recipient.

RPost Service Facts:

  • Provides the ability to deliver documents in conformity with HIPAA security of electronic communications; signatures can be used as legally enforcable 'wet ink' ; provides HIPAA/UETA 'valid evidence' notification
  • In daily use by leading US and international Legal Departments and Law Firms, Health Care Industry, Communications, Insurance and Government Organizations, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Travel Industries, Factoring/ABL's, Telecom Carriers, Financial Services and Accounting, Franchise Management & Pharmaceutical companies
  • Endorsed / Sponsored by more than 20 leading bar associations as Legal Proof® email, including the bars of New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago
  • 27 patents granted in 21 countries
  • Operates in 8 languages, within BlueTie Business Email and Outlook

Registered Email®

Legally valid proof of email delivery, content, and time

Example of an email receipt that is legally verifiable

Registered Email service by RPost provides you with the comfort, assurance and protection your business needs to convert your high value correspondence from paper to electronic.


RPost's award-winning and worldwide patented technology platform arms you with a fast and uniquely user-friendly means to demonstrate to any party not simply that a message was sent, received and when, but what the message and attachments actually said.

It moves beyond simple email tracking to ensure the upper-hand in case of a dispute or misunderstanding related to email delivery, content or time.

The core of the Registered Email service is Legal Proof®: legally verifiable and court-admissible evidence of e-mail correspondence occurring from the sender's desktop e-mail or directly from applications -- providing the sender with proof of delivery, content, and timing of any document or notice sent by e-mail, without requiring recipients to download any software, click links, or visit special websites to open and read messages.

Registered Email service by RPost has consistently proven to be a powerful, practical, and cost-effective tool that increases protection and enhances productivity across all industries and functions.

RPost does not store any email or attachment content or require any special action from the email recipient.

Service Benefits

RPost's Registered Email Legal Proof solution enables you to:

Save Time & Money – The Registered Email service is a trusted electronic courier that lets you use email in place of costly overnight delivery services for even your most official, sensitive, or confidential documents. By reducing the need to send important documents by FedEx, UPS, DHL International, fax, or regular postal mail you save signficant time (send 10 Registered Email messages in the time it takes to send 1 fax) and money (send 25 Registered Email messages for less than the cost of 1 FedEx envelope).

Eliminate Hassle – Since you receive an automatically-generated Registered Receipt™ email in your inbox which verifies delivery status of each Registered Email message, there is no need for follow-up calls or emails to track down a lost message or confirm that a message was received.

Gain the Upper HandLegal Proof gives the sender a distinct advantage in any dispute involving the content or delivery status of email. The sender can easily and quickly refute claims of "I never got your message" or "that is not what your message said" with legally verifiable, admissible Registered Email records.

Simplify Record-Keeping – All Registered Receipt emails are sorted automatically into a designated folder and stored electronically, unlike fax confirmation slips and courier receipts which require manual filing.

Increase Responsiveness – When a recipient sees the official Registered Email banner on a message, they become aware that the sender has official proof of delivery and the response time tends to be faster.


The core value of the Legal Proof® feature is the functionality of the Registered Receipt™ email, which is returned to the email sender within one business day. The Registered Receipt email is tamper-detectable, and provides the sender with an admissible, legally verifiable record of the entire transaction. One Registered Receipt email is returned containing the transmission information for all of the recipients of any particular Registered Email message sent.

The Registered Receipt email can be set to be stored in a separate folder within the sender's inbox.

The Registered Receipt email provides:

  • Proof of Delivery - Provides the sender with legally verifiable evidence any email was sent and received, to the standards as defined by the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act – without requiring any recipient actions, software or special settings.
  • Proof of Content - Legally proves the content sent and received, including message body and all attachments. Note: this is done without RPost or any other third-party storing the original email or receipts
  • Official Timestamp - Records the time at which the RPost System receives a message from the sender and the time at which the message was delivered to each of its destination servers. RPost time is continuously set via Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) timing controlled by the Atomic Clock.
  • Self-Authentication - If there is ever a dispute regarding the delivery, content or time of the message or attachment, the Registered Receipt email can be self-authenticated in minutes by simply forwarding it to the RPost verification address located on the receipt.
Sender Options

"Marked" - The RPost system adds the trademark "(R)egistered:™ " in the subject line and places a Registered Email banner within the email. By using the Marked feature for a Registered Email message, the sender makes the recipient aware that the particular email has been sent as a Registered Email messsage and that the sender has proof of delivery, content and time.

"Unmarked" - The Unmarked feature provides the sender with Registered Email protection without alerting the recipient that the sender has this proof of delivery, content and time. The Registered Email message is delivered with no special banner or markings on the recipient's end so they do not know the email was sent as a Registered Email messsage. However, the sender still receives a Registered Receipt email as evidence.

RPost's SecuRmail™ encryption service

Secure Encrypted Email for Protection & Compliance

Simple end-to-end secure encrypted email

RPost has paired the Registered Email feature with a simple to use and secure end-to-end encryption (128 bit) service. The receiver is required to insert a password to open the message and does not need to use any special keys or accounts or visit any special websites.

All too often, companies are faced with a tradeoff between security and simplicity when it comes to encryption services. "Simplicity" tends to lose the battle, until senders realize that their "secure" encrypted email system is underutilized due to user complexity. For example, many services require the recipient to click-through to a special website to collect email, but recipients frequently do not even retrieve the messages because of extra time and effort involved. In this case, more cumbersome means less used, resulting in potentially higher risk of breach for the sender's organization.

To overcome this challenge, businesses are increasingly turning to the RPost SecuRmail encrypted email service. RPost's SecuRmail email encryption service provides simple-to-use, compliant end-to-end encryption of email message body and all attachments, delivered right to the recipient's desktop. RPost's SecuRmail email encryption service maximizes simplicity for users while maintaining the highest levels of security. It is proven to consistently cut costs, increase usage rates, and improve client satisfaction. Importantly, it also proves encrypted delivery, protecting sender from fines in case of a recipient system breach or downstream.

Service Benefits

  • Simple to use—just click the "Send Registered" button from BlueTie email or Outlook – No extra software needed. Users always use it, lower risk of breach
  • Auto-delivery of decryption password - Recipients are not afraid to use encrypted email with VIP clients or situations
  • NO recipient settings, web-links, accounts - Recipients get message without hassle, limiting unencrypted resends
  • Encrypted desktop to desktop, straight-through - Permits use for matters that need privacy from internal staff; minimize breach & courier cost
  • Encrypted reply option for secure docs and conversations back-and-forth - Builds email into workflow, speeds business, proves reply
  • Court-admissible proof records of encrypted transmission (content, time, delivery) - Permits sender to prove compliance in case of a downstream information breach