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BlueTie Archive Services

Meeting Your Legal Compliance and Email Monitoring Needs

Email Archival Web User Interface

BlueTie Archive Services offers a simple and convenient way to meet your legal compliance and email auditing needs. All inbound and outbound email and attachments are permanently and securely stored online, and can be accessed and searched from any computer with an Internet connection. Our powerful search & retrieval interface lets you search messages and attachments by keyword, sender or recipient, date range and more, enabling fast and convenient review and action.

Automatic Back-Up of Messages & Attachments

  • Capture all inbound and outbound messages
  • Maintain a secure and tamper-proof copy of all business correspondence
  • Implement with a few simple clicks

Powerful Search & Retrieval

  • Retrieve accidentally or intentionally deleted messages
  • Respond quickly to unexpected legal requirements, i.e. subpoenas, preservation orders, or litigation discovery
  • Audit employee email for harassment, improper disclosure of confidential information, etc.

Lifetime Retention with Unlimited Storage

  • Satisfy legal and business retention requirements such as SarbOx, FINRA, HIPAA, etc.
  • Allow users to delete email with the knowledge that it can be retrieved from archive if needed later
  • Predictable and affordable costs

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Email is the lifeblood of modern business, and today most firms use email for taking orders, formalizing contracts, and discussing sensitive personnel issues. But as dependence on email has grown, so has its governmental and legal scrutiny. Poor data retention practices expose businesses of all sizes and in all industries to a host of potential legal problems, including heavy fines imposed by regulatory agencies, and presumed guilt or damaged reputation if subpoenaed records can’t be produced - and quickly.

Email also represents a significant weak point in many firms’ efforts to protect intellectual property and to ensure employee adherence to company policy regarding dissemination of confidential information. It is often all too easy for employees to inadvertently or intentionally distribute highly sensitive information to unauthorized parties, leading to legal complications or loss of competitive advantage.

A proactive email archival or automated auditing program can allow your business to take control of the situation before it becomes a problem.

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